Our work
After finding and assessing products by group of experts and after importing them into Georgia company "BK medi" implements marketing of this products, that means:

Promotion of products among doctor-specialists, family doctors and pharmacists by medical representatives of "BK medi" (in Tbilisi and regions)

Presentations of products by product managers in medical facilities and pharmacies (in Tbilisi and regions)

Visiting different regions of Georgia

• To present products
• To increase theoretical knowledge of medical representatives

Holding "round table" events by product-managers (in Tbilisi and regions)

Organization of advertising activities, namely: TV commercials, advertising in newspapers and magazines, production and distribution of necessary brochures, posters and other promotional materials of products by marketing and sales managers, product managers (in Tbilisi and regions)

Popularization of products through the community (in case of OTC): Using advertising posters and banners in public places.

Companies importing pharmaceutical products in Georgia can order and use marketing service by "BK medi".