About Us

About  our  company

The  company ‘’BK-Medi’’ is  a  marketing company  operating  on  the  territory  of  Georgia. Company works on searching of European high quality medications, food supplements, medical accessories; Company estabilishes direct contact with manufacturers, imports selected products  into Georgia  and implements  marketing  activities for product realization. Company is managed by professional staff, which provide market analysis, planning  and implement nessesary marketing activities for product realization. ”BKmedi” is successful and progressing company, with capital of 300 000 euro; last year company  made  500 000  euro  of  sales  and  the  plan  for  next  year  is  growth  to  800 000  euro. Companies  importing  pharmaceutical  products  in  Georgia  can order  and  use  marketing service  by “BK medi”.
  “BK-Medi”  develops  communication  activity  among:
• Doctor-specialists;
• Family  doctors;                            
• Pharmacists;
• Population (in case of OTC ).

Company  Objectives:
• Expansion of   international  contacts;
• Increase  product  list;
• Achievement  of  positive reputation  among  other pharmaceutical importer companies; • Achievement  of  positive reputation  among  doctors  as  well  as  pharmacists;
• Increasing  turnover of  medications  for  financial  success  of  company.


  There are several local and foreign pharmaceutical and distributive companies at Georgian pharmaceutical market, by their cooperation Georgian pharmaceutical market is saturated by pharmaceutical products. Because of experience, searching products according to market demand, relations with partners, ability to implement necessary marketing activities and make organized marketing group owner of one of the biggest distributive (pharmacy network) company  founded  marketing  company  “BK medi”, which  imports  self  selected  products.  “BK medi”  is  young  and  successful  company, founded  in  2009.

• Pediatrics;
• Dermatology;
• Gynecology;
• Allergology;
• Gastroenterology.


       Medical  representatives  are  divided  into  groups  working:

• In  pediatric  and  internal  medicine  fields  in  Tbilisi;
• In  pediatric  and  internal  medicine  fields  in  different  regions  of  Georgia.